Tube Riding

Tube riding is the most difficult maneuver in bodyboarding because it takes concentration and excellent control.  Board control is crucial.  To maintain control without sliding out keep a firm grip on your board, and maintain pressure on your inside rail. This is done by keeping your hip on the inside rail close to the tail and your elbow and forearm on the inside rail with your hand holding the corner of the nose, by arching your back you will add even more pressure to this two areas.  Place your other hand on the middle of the outside rail and pull up.  This will help to hold your edge and you can also use your legs by pushing your leg into the waves face as it will slow you down and hold you in on the wave.  Controlling speed and direction is next.  To go slower you can pull up on the nose and at the same time push down with your hip creating a stall. To increase speed move up towards the nose, putting your weight forward.  Use your hand on the outside rail to help you go up and down the face of the wave. Pull up on the outside rail to climb up the waves face.  By controlling your speed and direction you can make the deepest tubes.  I hope these tips will help you next time the waves are tubing.  I'll see you in the tube!